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Aluminum Cable Trays

Aluminum Cable Trays are recommended for chemical prone working environment for their excellent chemical corrosion resistance capacity. Utilization of these cable trays can be noticed in paper mills and petro chemical industry. Aluminum made trays are preferred over their galvanized steel based counterparts in terms of their less weight. Moreover, aluminum trays can be shaped, punched and drilled easily. Most importantly, no protective coating is required to safeguard these cable trays against various factors of environment. The reason is, aluminum possesses excellent self healing properties that safeguard it against all sorts of severe environmental conditions. Perforated and well ventilated design, required thickness level, ease of assembling, trouble free dismantling process, light weight and abrasion protected structure are the key characteristics of these Aluminum Cable Trays.

Features :-

  • These cable trays are devoid of any special surface coating.
  • These can endure chemical corrosion.
  • Perforated structure.
  • Produced by using Advanced punching and drilling technique.


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